Canex Foods Ltd
Import & Export

Here is a sample of some of the products that we carry.

Beef: We import a wide variety of Beef products including manufacturing beef from Australia and New Zealand, chilled Grass and Grain fed products from Australia and New Zealand as well as products from the US all ear marked for retail, wholesale and Food Service customers. 

Duck: We import and sell frozen Duck products including Breasts, Legs, Whole Ducks, Feet, Tenders, Wings and Gizzards.

Goats: We import both Skin on and Skinless Goats from both Australia and NZ sold mainly to the ethnic trade in and around Vancouver.

Lamb: We import frozen Lamb products from Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Pork: We carry a number of imported pork products including both Danish and Spanish Backribs along with Spanish Bellies, Skin on and Skinless, single rib and sheet boned.

Food Service: We represent a number of manufacturers in the US and carry a line of fully cooked Meat Balls, Pizza Crumble, Franks, Burger patties, Veal Cutlets and beef cutlets (chicken fried steak). We also supply portion Liver both breaded and plain to the food service industry.